Titanic Unclassified

Alex Stewart (aka Stewart Ross)
A&C Black/Bloomsbury

Discover the secrets of the Titanic! An incredible feat of engineering, the Titanic was designed to be unsinkable. Yet on April 15, 1912, on its very first voyage across the Atlantic, the Titanic did sink, taking the lives of more than 1,500 men, women and children with it.

Packed with original artefacts and fascinating facts, meet the passengers and crew, explore the ship and find out what really caused one of the most famous sea disasters in history.

WTP packaged this title and - working hand in hand with the National Archives - was responsible for commissioning the author, editorial, design (visuals and layouts), picture research and illustration, and seeing the project through from the start to final print-ready PDF.

Alex Stewart (aka Stewart Ross) is an award-winning author of non-fiction titles. His text for The Moon (another WTP-produced title) won him the Society of Authors/ALCS non-fiction prize for 2011.

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280 mm x 210 mm, 64pp, hardback, approx. 80 photos

ISBN 978-1-4081-6052-7

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