Zoom in on... Body Invaders

Richard Spilsbury

One of 4 titles in the Zoom in on series, WTP commissioned the author, created the 'look and feel', designed the layouts, sourced the images and edited the text.

In lurid detail, Body Invaders features blood-sucking bugs that share your bed, ticks that burrow into your skin, lice that live on your scalp, mites that infest your eyelashes, worms that squat in your gut and under your skin and bacteria that rot your teeth. Mmmm, nice!

Richard Spilsbury has worked in educational publishing for more than 10 years and has written on a variety of subjects, from ants and animation to wind power and weather.

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270 mm x 219 mm, 32 pp, hardback, 40 colour photos

ISBN: 978-0-7502-6729-8

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