On The Edge: Extreme Sports

Jim Pipe
Evans Brothers

Which gruelling marathon event takes place in the searing heat of the Sahara Desert? Which team holds the world record for the largest-ever mass skydive? Which extreme sport is so dangerous it's against the law?

Throw caution to the wind as you plunge headlong into the crazily dangerous world of Extreme Sport – from the urban tumble of parkour and BMX, to the wild exhilaration of snowboarding, surfing and whitewater rafting.

One of 8 titles in the On The Edge series, WTP commissioned the author, created the 'look and feel', designed the layouts, sourced the images and edited the text.

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Jim Pipe is an experienced author and editor of children's information books.

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254 mm x 178 mm, 30 pp, hardback, 26 colour photos

ISBN: 978-0-2375-4149-1

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