The Twilight Realm: The Undead

Jim Pipe

Tales of bloodthirsty spirits that prey on the living are told in countries all over the world. But do vampires really exist? What are they? And how do people defend themselves against them?

Discover grisly myths and shocking facts as you explore the twilight world of vampires and the undead – from the terrifying secrets of Dracula's castle to the real-life horrors of a Serbian vampire scare of 1727.

One of 4 titles in the Twilight Realm series, WTP commissioned the author, created the 'look and feel', designed the layouts, sourced the images and edited the text.

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Jim Pipe is an experienced author and editor of children's information books.

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270 mm x 219 mm, 30 pp, hardback, 26 colour photos

ISBN 978-0-7502-6664-2

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